Alopecia: What It Is And How To Manage It

by Sharlyn Pierre

I love being the guinea pig when it comes to beauty and wellness. While earning my degree, I worked at a spa for three and a half years and got almost every massage and treatment they offered. I got a close friend of mine a job there, and now the said friend is in beauty school. She offered to do my hair free of charge not too long ago, stating she needed the practice. Just so we’re clear? I will work for beauty services. At any rate, while putting the finishing touches on her own hairstyle, I noticed a tiny bald spot she was covering up in the center of her head. Not knowing if she was aware (who would miss that though), I carefully chose my wording, and asked her if she felt that bald spot. She casually said, “Girl, it’s my alopecia.” Her what? Her alopecia. Right then and there she gave me a brief explanation of it: “It’s when you develop small bald spots”

How could her hair be falling out? I proceeded to pepper her with questions, like, how long has she been suffering from it and was she taking any medication? She said she’s had it only for a year or two and that she’s been applying a topical cream. “Like Rogaine?” Her response was, “Yes, it’s basically the same thing as male-pattern-baldness.” I needed to know more. I asked other friends and family, and my Mom divulged that she had a colleague who was also experiencing it. Afraid for my hair’s life, I did so more research and discovered…

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Celebrity Stylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew’s Tips for Pressing Hair the Healthy Way

by Sharlyn Pierre Appropriately nicknamed a “hair goddess” by big-screen beauty, Kerry Washington, Takisha Sturdivant-Drew has been in the business of hair for well over a decade. Her hairstyles have glided through the pages of Ebony, Elle, In Style, Marie … Continue reading