Stuck in a Hair Rut? Try These Tips

by Sharlyn Pierre
As the age old adage goes: new season new ‘do! Well, we don’t know if it’s age old, or a saying at all, but what we do know is that we have tips to help you if think your ‘do is done.Now that it is officially fall, you may feel compelled to switch up your hairstyle, but may be a bit apprehensive. Especially if you’ve been rocking the same style but feel that you want something fresh, however, you’re unsure as to what that something is. Here are some tips to get you unstuck.
  1. Facts and Figures – before diving into hair magazines and calling your friend who never seems to have a bad hair to ask her (how does she do it?!) and who does her hair, figure out what you want first. Would you like to add some color? Do you want a haircut?  How about both? Keep in mind that although you may admire a certain hairstyle, another may suit you more depending on your face shape and skin tone. Now you are ready to scour the mags and I even suggest taking a trip to your favorite beauty supply store for color options and even  perusing the wig section for length; whether you’re going shorter or longer. Make sure you ask the aforementioned friend to tag along! Once you have decided the style that you want, take into account how much you would like to spend. There is nothing wrong with saving a few coins before the big color/chop/sew in.
  2. Meeting of the minds – if you’re lucky enough to have a hairstylist you know and trust (bless you!), consult with them prior to your actual appointment. They can offer up ideas on what might work better for your hair since they know it almost as well as you do. Conferring with them helps to ensure you are both on the same page so when the big day arrives and you’re totally geeked, so you can avoid being Myra’d (see Martin Season 2, Episode 7). If you do not have a go-to stylist, ask said friend or friends to refer you. Some hairstylists are skilled at dyeing, some have magic hands when it comes to cuts, don’t be afraid to ask he/she if they feel they are partial to or known for one.
  3. Before and after – take a before picture as well as an after. Seeing yourself in photographs will allow it to register. It will take some time for you to get acclimated with your new look. It will also take a few tries to figure out your routine both during the day and at night. If you come across a mirror (or shiny surface) that you can’t help but admire what you see, you did good!

Speaking of which, have these trips helped?  Do you have any tips on how to break free from the same-hair asylum? We’d love to hear from you about which hairstyles you’re thinking about for the fall!

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