Q&A with South African Artist Lira

by Sharlyn Pierre

Hailing from a township stricken by apartheid in Johannesburg, South Africa, soulful and radiant singer LIRA is rising to the occasion and capturing ears internationally. Her melodic music is a mix of jazz, funk, and African languages. Essence Magazine named her one of “Five Unique Artists Set to Change Music in 2012.” After performing at Nelson Mandela’s 92nd birthday telecast, as well as gracing the stage with Alicia Keys and John Legend in 2010 for the FIFA World Cup Kickoff Concert, we are definitely co-signing.

TM: You’ve been in the music business for about a decade. Which fellow big name artists would you like to hit the stage with?

LIRA: I would absolutely love to perform with Sade or Maxwell. As well as John Legend. He has such an old school soulful voice. When I met him he came across as extremely humble and down to earth, qualities that I can really admire for someone who has achieved so much.

TM: What was your 2011 South African tour like?

LIRA: I managed to create a unique experience for myself and my South African fans by creating a large scale production that traveled around my country – it was entitled The Captured Tour. No other South African artist has ever put up a show of this size; I wanted my fans across South Africa to experience a full musical extravaganza! I also chose “Super Fans” from every city we visited and gave each of them an all access pass to backstage and meeting the crew. This was so that they could experience what putting up such a large production is like from our perspective. A lot of my fans were happy to just hang with the band, dancers and myself. It made me feel closer to my fans and also gave them an opportunity to get to know me better. It was the highlight experience of 2011 for me!

TM: What was your beauty regimen like when you were on the road? What is it when you’re at home?

LIRA: For my face I use Innoxa Hydrating Moisturizer. My face is relatively dry but tends to be oily around the forehead and nose areas. It took me a while to find a product that would adequately hydrate the rest of my face without making it oily. I have been using Innoxa for over a year and find my skin just soaks up the moisture and leaves it with a healthy natural glow.

For my body, I use my mother’s lotion concoction of Vaseline, Glycerin, Cocoa Butter, and Bio-Oil to replenish. I’ve been following my mother’s regimen ever since I was a child – She is in her mid fifties and still has beautiful skin.

For my hair, I keep it moisturized with Soft Sheen-Carson Sta-Sof-Fro natural hair products. It works like magic. They have a lovely gel and braid oil-moisturizing spray that I use. I also really like Organics deep conditioner; it leaves my hair very soft.

Also one of the most important beauty regimens for me is always drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, and wearing sun block – your body and skin will love you for it!

TM: What are some of your current favorite songs?

LIRA: I’m loving Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” I love Amy Winehouse’s “Love is a Losing Game.” I’m also listening to some of my own songs specifically “With my Eyes”.

TM: How do long did it take to record your latest release “Rise Again”? What can we expect from it? 

LIRA: Rise Again is like a “best of” collection, which includes many of the hits songs from my African catalogue that international ears haven’t had a chance to experience. So it wasn’t a long recording process as they were already produced, although we remixed some of the songs. Listeners will hear a musical combination of Soul, R&B, Jazz and African languages. I call it Afro Soul. Some of the tracks on the album include the single “Feel Good” as well as “Abba”, “Believe” and “Phakade” – these were taken from previous albums Soul in Mind, Feel Good and Return to Love.

Please check out the trailer to Lira’s live in concert DVD Lira: The Captured Tour

American audiences can also purchase my latest album Rise Again on Amazon

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